Robert S. Creps P.E.

Robert S. Creps, P.E. is a Principal and Director of PES Environmental, Inc. He is a licensed California civil engineer, and has over 34 years experience solving complex environmental contamination problems associated with real property. He has conducted investigations and cleanups at several hundred properties, and specializes in providing environmental engineering and consultation services to private and governmental clients that are converting Brownfield properties to more productive uses. Mr. Creps emphasizes practical and efficient solutions to environmental contamination problems.

Mr. Creps also provides expert witness and litigation services related to investigation and cleanup of contaminated properties, cleanup cost recovery, and regulatory compliance. In addition, he is the holder of PES’ general engineering contractor’s license and, as such, has significant expertise in the on-site construction of environmental remediation programs and systems.

Mr. Creps received his B.S. Civil Engineering degree from the University of California at Irvine, and also holds a B.A. degree in Environmental Biology from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a member of PES’ Board of Directors, and is actively involved in the management of the company.

Primary areas of responsibility for Mr. Creps have included the following:
  • Project manager for a multimillion dollar project at a 300-acre former shipbuilding facility. The project included site characterization, soil and groundwater remediation, and extensive regulatory negotiations in support of site redevelopment into residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational land use;
  • Project manager for a marsh restoration project. The project included site characterization, development of Remedial Action Plans, development and implementation of a Community Relations Plan, development of remediation specifications and supervision of onsite cleanup, and extensive regulatory agency negotiations;
  • Project manager for a site contaminated by organic chemicals emanating from an adjacent facility. The project included site characterization, a public health risk assessment, assessment of remedial alternatives, and litigation support;
  • Project manager for a site remediation project for a 4-acre property contaminated with asbestos. The project included selection of the appropriate remedial design, preparation of the plans and specifications for site remediation, selection and observation of contractors for remediation, and regulatory agency negotiations; and
  • Project engineer for solid waste landfill projects. Responsibilities included preparation of design plans and specifications for landfill closure, geotechnical and geohazard studies, and investigations of methane and leachate generation and migration.
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