Nicholas C. Pogoncheff P.G.

Mr. Pogoncheff is a California Registered Geologist and a hydrogeologist with over 30 years of professional experience in the design, implementation, and management of multi-disciplinary environmental programs. He is also a Certified Environmental Manager in Nevada. His primary areas of specialization are in conducting soil and groundwater investigations that require the interpretation of contaminant fate and transport mechanisms, and in the hydrogeological and geochemical characterization of groundwater systems. Mr. Pogoncheff has served as the project manager and technical consultant for numerous hydrogeologic investigations where he has designed investigative and remedial programs for clients in concert with various state and federal agencies, as well as with groups of potentially responsible parties (PRPs). He has considerable experience in the negotiation of site-specific administrative orders, response actions, and cleanup criteria under state and federal guidelines. Mr. Pogoncheff has also implemented numerous remediation programs that optimize the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater.

Mr. Pogoncheff provides technical oversight at PES for the design and implementation of hydrogeologic studies and multi-disciplinary environmental programs. He has provided leadership for hundreds of projects including soil and groundwater characterization, Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS), groundwater modeling of hydrogeologic systems, risk-based corrective actions, real estate transactions associated with contaminated properties, soil and groundwater remediation programs, water resource evaluations, and site closure. In addition, Mr. Pogoncheff provides expert testimony and technical support to clients and legal counsel for environmental dispute resolution in a variety of public and private forums.

Primary areas of responsibility for Mr. Pogoncheff have included the following:
  • Strategic management and negotiations of work plans, cleanup orders, and site closures for industrial and commercial clients;
  • Development of soil and groundwater investigations; preparation of agency negotiated technical plans; interpretation of soil vapor, groundwater, and geochemical data, including the evaluation of mechanisms and rates of contaminant migration in the unsaturated and saturated zone;
  • Technical presentations to PRP groups, and regulatory and water supply agencies to discuss soil and groundwater issues; and
  • Design and implementation of soil and groundwater remediation systems to optimize the cleanup of dissolved phase chemicals and immiscible phase products resulting from industrial and commercial activities.
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