James P. Dunn P.G.

Mr. Dunn is a California Professional Geologist with over 30 years of experience in soil and groundwater investigations and remediation, and hazardous and solid waste management. He has been the project manager, task manager, and project geologist responsible for development, implementing, and reporting the results of site assessments, Remedial Investigations, and remediation projects.

Primary areas of responsibility for Mr. Dunn have included the following:
  • Project geologist on numerous real estate transfers and/or refinancing assessments including all aspects of preliminary site assessments and subsequent site investigations on properties with environmental contamination;
  • Project geologist for numerous environmental compliance projects involving auditing, permitting and closure of regulated industry practices;
  • Project geologist for numerous hazardous waste site investigations. Projects have included characterization of soil and groundwater contamination and development of site conceptual models to evaluate remediation strategies;
  • Project manager for several hazardous waste site remediation projects. Responsibilities included development of remediation approach, permitting and planning, contractor selection and contract negotiation, and field supervision;
  • Project manager for several underground storage tank projects involving permitting, monitoring system design and installation, and tank removal and soil excavation; and
  • Project geologist for storm water management project. Projects have included the design and implementation of new storm water management programs, auditing of existing programs, preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and Monitoring programs as well as preparation of annual agency-required documentation.
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