Carl J. Michelsen P.G., C.HG.

Mr. Michelsen is a Registered Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist in California with over 30 years of experience as a project manager, geochemist, geologist, and environmental scientist in the hazardous waste management, environmental engineering and water resources industries. He has managed countless remedial investigations; served as project manager of soil, sediment, and groundwater remediation projects; conducted water supply and water system contamination evaluations; provided litigation support; and evaluated dredge sediment disposal projects. 

He has extensive experience in hydrogeologic and geochemical site characterization including prediction of chemical fate and transport, statistical analysis of environmental data, risk assessment, and establishment of background conditions at contaminated sites. He also has experience in monitoring the impacts of recycled water use on groundwater quality, prediction of water quality impacts from land disposal of wastes and dredged sediments, and evaluating compliance with drinking water regulations.

Primary areas of responsibility for Mr. Michaelsen have included the following:
  • Manager and geochemist/hydrogeologist for over 40 Superfund, RCRA, DTSC or RWQCB contamination sites, and landfills contaminated with solvents, PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, metals, salts, semivolatile organic compounds, and/or petroleum hydrocarbons in all environmental media. Responsible for characterizing contamination, evaluating risk, and developing and managing remedial actions;
  • Manager on over 40 Phase I/Phase II environmental site assessments conducted for property transaction, refinancing or leasing purposes;
  • Manager for drinking water supply and recycled water projects. Responsibilities included investigating the occurrence of contaminants in drinking water supplies, evaluating engineering alternatives problem resolution, evaluating compliance with SDWA regulations and recommending alternative sources of drinking water, and conduct Water Supply Assessments. Developed groundwater monitoring and mitigation program for irrigation reuse of tertiary treated wastewater;
  • Litigation consultant for disputes involving multiple responsible parties and insurance claims. Provided opinions on the sources, timing and extent of contamination, adequacy of investigations by others, and likely remediation costs; and
  • Project geochemist/hydrogeologist for dredging projects. Prepared and implemented sediment sampling programs, evaluated potential water quality impacts from upland disposal, prepared monitoring plans and EIR/EIS documents.
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