Water Resources

PES hydrogeologists, geologists, geochemists and engineers have developed comprehensive expertise in the fields of hydrogeology and water resources having designed and performed hundreds of hydrogeologic investigations, surface-water/groundwater interaction studies, water quality assessments, groundwater resource evaluations, and basin management studies.

Services performed by PES professionals to assist municipalities, water agencies, and industries in the evaluation, planning and management of groundwater resources include:

Designing and interpreting geophysical and geologic characterization programs to identify aquifer thickness and distribution; hydraulic properties; occurrence and hydraulic effects of geologic features (i.e., geologic controls), including fault zones;

  • Siting, design, installation, and testing of high capacity water supply wells;
  • Design and analysis of complex aquifer testing programs to assess aquifer properties, surface water/groundwater interaction characteristics, and the presence and nature of hydrogeologic boundaries;
  • Development, calibration, and application of numerical groundwater flow models to assist in: the design and optimization of municipal well-fields; evaluation of groundwater recharge and discharge features and rates; assessment of local and basin-wide water budgets; assessing the transport of chemical contaminants in groundwater systems; and delineating wellhead protection areas;
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive groundwater monitoring programs to evaluate and optimize well-field performance; and
  • Performing geochemical and engineering evaluations of water-supply systems to assist water purveyors in providing a safe and reliable source of drinking water.
Representative Projects