Real Estate Transaction-Related

PES provides environmental consulting services to various sectors of the real estate industry. These services normally pertain to due diligence and risk management studies for evaluating whether there is significant potential for financial liability associated with property transactions (sales, acquisitions, leases, and/or financing) and include:

  • Conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments pursuant to industry-wide guidelines (i.e., ASTM) or lender-specific requirements to screen properties for potential environmental concerns and liability;
  • Performing Phase II Site Assessments (direct environmental sampling) for confirming the presence or absence of contamination potentially indicated by the results of Phase I studies;
  • Performing indoor air quality assessments and lead, asbestos and mold surveys and abatement (see Industrial Hygiene/Lead, Asbestos and Mold Surveys and Abatement Services);
  • Performing environmental compliance audits (see Facility Permitting, Compliance Audits, and Closure Services) on behalf of property owners to assess whether tenant’s operations are in compliance with applicable regulations; and
  • Providing peer review services (see Peer Review, Litigation Support, and Expert Witness Services) for property owners where their property has been or may be impacted by contamination migrating onto the property from offsite sources. These reviews are generally used to assess whether off-site contamination has impacted the market value of, potential for obtaining financing for, or the likelihood of selling the property.
Representative Projects