Peer Review, Litigation Support & Expert Witness

As a result of our extensive expertise and more than 30 years experience in environmental consulting, PES provides independent third party (peer) review of the work performed by other environmental consultants. Many of our clients have found the reviews to be a useful method of obtaining a second opinion regarding: (1) the interpretation of site conditions; (2) proposed scopes of work; and (3) recommended remedial actions (e.g., is the selected remedial measure appropriate for site conditions and cost effective).

Based on our ability to clearly communicate the technical complexities inherent with our profession into terms that are readily understandable by lay persons, PES also provides technical support and expert witness testimony for environmental litigation. PES has provided testimony in matters involving chemical storage vessels, sumps, underground piping, identification of source areas, timing of releases of contaminants, fate and transport of contaminants, appropriateness of investigation and remediation methods, effectiveness of remediation methods, definition of recoverable costs, NCP compliant response actions, cleanup methods and costs, and allocation of responsibility for response costs.

Further, our expertise is effectively utilized in litigation matters when cost allocation positions are needed for settlement, mediation/arbitration, or judicial proceedings. PES has successfully provided technically based allocation of NCP-compliant response costs on the basis of our interpretation of site conditions (i.e., site history, chemical type, chemical distribution, hydrogeologic setting, fate and transport of chemicals, and remedial action(s)).

Representative Projects