Multiple PRP / Superfund

For clients involved in the Superfund process, PES offers diverse services, including preparation of all applicable planning documents, discovery (Preliminary Assessments and Site Inspections), multiple potentially responsible party (PRP) representation, remedial investigations (RI), treatability studies, feasibility studies (FS), records of decision (ROD), remedial design (RD), and remedial action (RA) implementation, operation and long-term monitoring. In addition to the services listed above, which are largely dictated by U.S. EPA guidelines, PES provides:

  • Assistance with organizing multiple PRPs and representation and negotiation before the regulatory agencies as a part of, or result of, court-mandated consent decrees;
  • Cost allocation services among PRPs based on technical factors such as chemical mass distribution, chemical type and concentration, and/or plume area calculations; and
  • Preparation and technical defense of cost/mass allocation positions in Non-Binding Allocation of Responsibility (NBAR) proceedings and environmental litigation (see Peer Review, Litigation Support, and Expert Witness Services).
Representative Projects