Facility Permitting, Compliance Audits & Closure

PES provides permitting, compliance audit, and closure services to clients who use, store, treat, and/or dispose of such material (both RCRA and non-RCRA facilities). Additionally, PES has assisted clients in the closure, long term monitoring and redevelopment of solid waste landfills.

PES’ capabilities for these services include:

  • For operating industries or businesses which handle hazardous materials and/or generate hazardous waste, PES provides environmental permitting services, including National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, California’s General Industrial Activities Storm Water permits, RCRA facility Part B permit applications, California’s Permit-by-Rule for selected hazardous waste treatment systems, Bay Conservation and Development Commission permits for development along the San Francisco Bay, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredging and shoreline improvement permits, Bay Area Air Quality Management District permits for emissions control during site remediation, and other environmental permits;
  • For clients who have operating facilities that use and store hazardous materials or treat and/or dispose of hazardous waste, PES performs environmental compliance audits of the facilities. The audits are designed to meet well defined client objectives and can range from general regulatory compliance studies to a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of hazardous materials and waste management; and
  • When all or part of a facility is no longer needed, PES provides closure services. These services range from: (1) designing and preparing decontamination and closure plans for regulatory agency review and approval; (2) construction management during closure (preparing bid packages, contractor selection, and oversight of the selected contractor); (3) conducting pre- and post-cleanup sampling; and (4) preparing closure reports and certifications.
Representative Projects