U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma, Petaluma, California

Located just west of Petaluma, California in the Two Rock Valley, Training Center Petaluma is the Coast Guard’s largest West Coast Training Center. During the early 1990s, 30 USTs were removed at the facility. These former USTs had been used for storage of diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, and waste oil.

The tank removal and over-excavation activities produced an estimated 11,400 cubic yards of soil and rock containing varying concentrations of residual petroleum hydrocarbons. PES services included: assessments of the tank removal status and verification sampling; soil and groundwater investigations at selected UST sites; groundwater monitoring; and UST case closure. In addition, PES performed management, operation, assessment, and closure of a biotreatment cell (i.e., land farming) used to treat approximately 1,400 cubic yards of soil affected with residual petroleum hydrocarbons.