Permitting, Decontamination, and Closure for Facilities Located in Three Divisions of Major Industrial/Manufacturing Firm

PES assisted three of this client’s Northern California Divisions in various permitting, waste management and closure activities. For the San Carlos facility, PES developed a closure plan for metal plating operations and a portion of the facility’s waste water treatment plant.

PES also: (1) developed facility decontamination and field sampling procedures for the implementation and documentation of closure, (2) acted as liaison with the California Department of Toxic Substance Control Permitting Division (DTSC), and (3) provided closure oversight and certification activities. We also assisted the San Carlos Division by preparing portions of the facility’s Part B Permit renewal documentation for hazardous waste treatment and storage operations. This included completing general environmental documentation required by CEQA and conducting assessments of tank systems and storage facility integrity.

For the client’s former Fremont facility, PES assisted in developing closure plans, preparing plans and specifications, and assisted in remediation contractor selection for facility closure. PES provided oversight of contractor activities, conducted sampling, and documentation of closure. This project also included obtaining a permit, under the State’s Permit-by-Rule Regulations, for an elementary neutralization unit for waste water treatment. The facility was successfully closed to meet the requirements of the client, DTSC, the local Fire Department, and the property owner.

PES assisted the client’s Palo Alto Division in all phases of closure plan preparation for various hazardous waste treatment and storage areas. For this facility, PES provided consulting services to update portions of their Operations Plan for submittal to the DTSC as part of a RCRA Part B Permit renewal process. PES tasks included all necessary assessments and certifications for numerous tank systems and storage areas.