Permitting and Engineering for Industrial Facility Dredging Project

PES provided environmental engineering and related services for the investigation, remedial planning, and remedial construction management of metals-contaminated soils and sediments along the San Francisco Bay shoreline within the Redwood City Harbor. This project involved designing sampling and analytical programs to assess the degree and extent of heavy metals within exposed soils and submerged sediments in an environmentally sensitive area. Cleanup concentrations and proposed limits of remediation were established through an evaluation of potential environmental risks posed by the contaminants of concern. PES has evaluated a number of remedial alternatives, through a feasibility study screening process, and has established and implemented bench-scale testing procedures that assessed the feasibility of various dredging and dewatering techniques for separating solid and liquid waste streams for off-site disposal and/or treatment. The results of our investigation, treatment testing program, and recommended remediation plan were approved by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Successful remediation was accomplished by a combination of vacuum dredging, sediment dewatering, segregation of dewatered solids into hazardous and non-hazardous, and liquid treatment followed by sewer disposal.

Other agency participation, review, and permitting for this project was coordinated by PES and included the California EPA, Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Port of Redwood City, State Lands Commission, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. PES’ services also included developing contractor bid packages, evaluating the bids and assisting in the selection of contractors, providing construction management, conducting sampling and analysis to assess the effectiveness of the remediation, and preparing the necessary post- remediation reports for project documentation.