Multiple PRP Representation for Former Drum Restoration Site

PES managed technical activities for an organized group of 20 PRPs (part of a larger group of over 2,000 PRPs). This five-acre abandoned drum recycling facility has extensive soil contamination from lead, PCBs, and pesticides, in addition to a large off-site plume of groundwater contaminated by VOCs.

As a Federal Superfund site, the U.S. EPA is the lead regulatory agency, with participation and review provided by all applicable State and local regulatory and public agencies. PES’ responsibilities have included technical review of all documents and work generated by the EPA, the EPA’s consultant, and consultants for two other organized PRP groups. Such review included the Remedial Investigation, the Risk Assessment, the Feasibility Study, the Record of Decision, and quarterly groundwater monitoring reports; groundwater remedial design and implementation reports; and planning documents for an onsite removal action. PES is also responsible for providing engineering review, detailed technical evaluations, conceptual remedial designs, and cost estimates for on-site remedial measures. Such measures include soil vapor extraction, in-situ and above-ground solidification and various cap designs, ranging from simple grading and paving through multi-layer RCRA-type caps.