Investigation, Remediation, and Cost Allocation for VOC Contamination at Multi-Party Semiconductor Site

PES was responsible for the design, permitting, installation, and startup of a groundwater treatment system at a Superfund site located in Mountain View, California. PES is also performing operation and maintenance activities associated with the treatment and offsite groundwater extraction systems.

The treatment system consists of an air stripping tower and associated process equipment. PES is in the preliminary design stage for installing a pipeline to connect an offsite groundwater extraction system to the treatment system, doubling the treatment system flow rate. PES also oversees the operation of 24 extraction wells in the study area and evaluates the adequacy of groundwater capture from the extraction wells. The extraction wells are controlled by a telemetry system that allows for remote monitoring of water levels and flow rates in each well.

Significant cost allocation tasks have also been undertaken for this client as a result of mixing of groundwater contamination emanating from numerous sites in the same regional study area. Cost allocation tasks culminated in the successful preparation and presentation of the first Non-Binding Allocation of Responsibility accepted by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.