Former WWII Era Shipyard/Railyard Lead in Soil Encapsulation Project and Cap O&M, Richmond California

PES managed the design and implementation of a Removal Action Workplan (RAW) for the removal and on-site consolidation/capping of over 30,000 cubic yards of lead-bearing soil and fill at a 40-acre former railyard/shipyard support area (23rd Street Railyard site).

On-site consolidation and capping of the soils resulted in considerable savings compared to previous plans for off-site disposal of the lead paint contaminated soil/sandblast waste as hazardous waste. PES sampled soil for toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) testing, developed cleanup goals using the DTSC’s Leadspread health-risk modeling procedures, evaluated the potential for lead to leach from soils and contaminate groundwater, negotiated with DTSC to set cleanup criteria for lead in soil, and prepared a design for on-site consolidation and capping of the lead-bearing soil. The cap consists of clean fill, a parking lot and office buildings.

During construction, PES provided construction oversight, coordinated the removal and offsite disposal of approximately 300 cubic yards of RCRA-hazardous lead-bearing soil, and evaluated the adequacy of air monitoring efforts to protect worker health and safety and adjacent residential areas. Case closure was granted by DTSC. PES prepared a cap O&M Plan, performed annual inspections of the cap under the DTSC-approved O&M Plan and conducted 5-year reviews.