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William Haldeman, L.G.

Mr. Haldeman is a registered geologist and licensed hydrogeologist with over 22 years of experience in site investigations, remediation, and post-closure site management under MTCA, RCRA, and CERCLA requirements. Mr. Haldeman has investigated hazardous waste sites and solid waste facilities; managed post-closure remediation, and monitoring activities at hazardous waste and solid waste facilities including seven landfills in Washington; performed regional water quality studies; characterized specific locations for siting waste disposal facilities; and provided hydrogeological support for remediation projects and geotechnical investigations. Contaminants of concern at these sites have included VOCs, petroleum hydrocarbons, SVOCs, pesticides, herbicides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and heavy metals in soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediments.

Mr. Haldeman’s primary areas of responsibility include the following:

  • Project Manager for operation and maintenance of a RCRA Corrective Measures System in Kent, Washington, at a former metal finishing site contaminated with chlorinated solvents. The system consists of multiple recovery wells and water transmission, treatment, and automation control systems. Activities include system operation and maintenance, groundwater and discharge water sampling, data compilation and evaluation, reporting, modification of the post-closure permit, interfacing with the USEPA and Washington Department of Ecology, mediation support, and remedial alternative evaluation and design;
  • Project Manager for maintenance of an NPDES permit at a bulk petroleum storage and distribution terminal in Seattle, Washington. Activities include monthly stormwater and process water monitoring, treatment system operation and maintenance, assistance with permit reapplication, updating stormwater plans and manuals, and agency negotiation;
  • Project Manager for a remedial investigation and feasibility study of an active chemical distribution facility. The on-going project, performed under the State of Washington Voluntary Cleanup Program, has involved assessment of on-site sources and off-site plume location, cleanup alternative evaluation, a pilot study employing in situ chemical oxidation, preliminary design of an enhanced bioremediation system, agency negotiation, and reporting. Constituents of concern include volatile organic constituents and petroleum hydrocarbons; and
  • Project Manager for the remedial investigation of a closed woodwaste landfill in Snohomish County, Washington. To date, this project has involved a background information review, an evaluation of the beneficial use of surface water and groundwater, a detailed site reconnaissance, work plan preparation, and coordination with the health district.


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