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William F. Frizzell, P.E., R.E.A.

Mr. Frizzell is a Registered Civil Engineer in California, Washington, and Arizona as well as a Registered Environmental Assessor in California. During his 30 years of civil/environmental engineering consulting he has worked in the technical, managerial and administration activities of the consulting engineering business. Most of his experience has focused on projects and clients within the western states. However, he has also worked on projects throughout the U.S. and in Australia.

Primary areas of responsibility for Mr. Frizzell have included the following:

  • Program manager for conducting environmental assessments of properties for real estate transactions working with major investment and development companies;
  • Conducting soil and groundwater investigation and remediation projects for numerous residential, commercial and industrial properties including large scale Superfund sites and Brownfields redevelopment projects;
  • Conducting various industrial and hazardous waste facility closure projects;
  • Designing estuarine sediment characterization projects and performing remediation of contaminated sediments;
  • Providing technical and administrative oversight to a staff of engineers and geologists and environmental scientists involved with hazardous waste and underground tank site investigations, feasibility studies, and remedial action implementation projects;
  • Project director for numerous regulatory compliance evaluations of various facilities, including operating industries and commercial hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities; and
  • Conducting environmental assessments of solid waste landfills, including investigations, design of closure plans, post closure land use planning, and long term monitoring.


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