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Tina Hariu, P.G., C.HG

Ms. Hariu is a Certified Hydrogeologist and a Professional Geologist in the State of California with over 17 years of experience in hazardous waste investigation and remediation, and project management. Ms. Hariu’s experience includes management, development, and/or implementation of investigation and remediation activities at numerous hazardous waste sites, landfills, and Brownfields development sites. Project experience includes Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies, Remedial Action Plans, Conceptual Site Model development and regulatory agency/client interface.

Primary areas of responsibility for Ms Hariu have included:

  • Project Manager for an active pulp mill site investigation and remediation of site with subsurface caustic release and volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination in soil gas and groundwater. Ms. Hariu developed and managed implementation of site characterization activities; managed budget and project staff personnel; participated in project strategy meetings; and negotiated with state regulatory agency;
  • Project Manager of various real estate transfer assessment projects. Ms. Hariu’s responsibilities included: reviewing pollution insurance policies to evaluate potential financial risk and/or liability associated with environmental exposures; peer review and/or preparation of Phase I and II reports; evaluation of properties for liability issues associated with hazardous waste contamination; development and implementation of remedial action workplans; agency negotiations; and preparation of site closure documents;
  • Project Manager of extensive soil and groundwater investigation at solid waste landfill site in Washington. Project involved complex hydrogeologic regime and potential for leachate discharge into nearby sensitive wetland. Ms. Hariu developed and managed implementation of site characterization activities; performed data interpretation and reporting activities; developed complex Site Conceptual Model; performed technical presentations; and managed negotiations with state regulatory agencies;
  • Assistant Project Manager of extensive soil and groundwater investigation of industrial area intended for redevelopment as a Brownfield’s site in San Francisco, California. Ms. Hariu performed site visits of industrial businesses to develop field program for investigation; managed field activities, including soil sampling and analyses, limited soil excavations, and groundwater monitoring well installations; performed hydrogeologic evaluation and data interpretation and reporting; coordinated risk assessors; and performed client interface. Project included close coordination and involvement with numerous state and local regulatory agencies. The Brownsfields project was successfully completed; and
  • Senior Hydrogeologist and Task Manager for Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study of a site affected by chlorinated solvents in soil and groundwater in Taipei, Taiwan. Responsibilities included: large-scale lateral and vertical characterization of extensive dissolved phase VOC plume; evaluation of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs); assessment of fate and transport of contaminants; coordination with risk assessors; coordination with Taiwanese contractors and government officials; and participation in public awareness campaign and replacement of private drinking water wells with clean water supply.


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