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Peter D. Gorman, P.G. C.HG.

Mr. Gorman is a California Professional Geologist, California Certified Hydrogeologist, and Nevada Certified Environmental Manager (CEM) with over 13 years of hydrogeologic experience.  During this time, Mr. Gorman has had experience in managing and performing technical studies in the fields of hydrogeology and environmental engineering.  Mr. Gorman has served as project manager and technical consultant on projects for both private and public-sector clients providing assistance in the management of water resources, the design and implementation of contaminant fate/transport studies, and the development of innovative remediation programs.  In addition, Mr. Gorman has provided litigation support services to clients and legal counsel for environmental dispute resolution in a variety of public and private forums. Relevant experiences related to the assessment of groundwater resources include: interpreting the geologic, hydrologic, and geochemical characteristics of local aquifer systems, groundwater basins, and surface water/groundwater interaction; and developing and applying numerical groundwater flow and transport models for both local and basin-wide aquifer systems to assist in the management of water resources and assess the fate and transport of contaminants in groundwater systems. 

Mr. Gorman has also designed, performed, and managed numerous comprehensive vadose zone and saturated zone contaminant investigations in complex hydrogeologic settings, which have included the evaluation and interpretation of complex data sets and the performance of feasibility studies to evaluate appropriate and innovative remedial response actions.  Primary areas of responsibility for Mr. Gorman include the following:

  • Application of analytical and numerical methods in solving quantitative problems in groundwater flow and contaminant transport.
  • Development of soil and groundwater investigations; preparation of agency negotiated technical plans; interpretation of soil vapor, groundwater, and geochemical data, including the evaluation of mechanisms and rates of contaminant migration in the unsaturated and saturated zone.
  • Innovative treatment technology testing, including in-situ bioremediation for recalcitrant chemicals.
  • Interpretation of geological, geophysical, hydrological, and geochemical characteristics of groundwater basins and municipal groundwater supply sites.
  • Conducting remedial investigations, feasibility studies, interim corrective actions, and remedial system design.
  • Providing technical-based cost allocation determinations for litigation support projects



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