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Mark Winters, R.G.

Mr. Winters is a registered geologist in Oregon with over 20 years of experience as a project manager and geologist in environmental assessment, remediation, and hazardous and solid waste management. He has experience with site characterization and feasibility studies, remedial system design, installation and implementation, and permitting and compliance. He has managed a wide variety of projects ranging from Phase I site assessments to technically complex characterization and remediation projects. Mr. Winters has particular interest and experience in the redevelopment of Brownfield sites and has extensive experience with forest products facilities and landfill sites. He has an excellent knowledge of local, state and federal regulations, and is experienced in negotiating with regulatory agencies.

The primary areas of responsibility for Mr. Winters have included the following:

  • Project manager for RI/FS and RD/RA at a large pulp mill and forest products facility in Springfield, Oregon. Contaminants of concern include pentachlorophenol, dioxins, solvents, and petroleum hydrocarbons. The final remedial actions were developed based on risk assessment findings along with implementation of institutional and engineering controls that include construction of a treatment system for a nearby municipal supply wellfield;
  • Managed site characterization activities at Oakridge Industrial Park, a 220-acre former lumber mill in Oakridge, Oregon. Work was performed in support of property redevelopment by local government, and involved interaction with federal and state agencies that provided funding for the project;
  • Managing ongoing site characterization and remediation activities at Pioneer Business Park, an 80-acre former plywood mill and former landfill being redeveloped into an industrial/commercial business park in Eugene, Oregon. Work includes design, installation, and operation and maintenance of a landfill gas extraction system;
  • Managed RI/FS and water quality monitoring program at Short Mountain Landfill in Lane County, Oregon. Also managed water quality monitoring and reporting programs for other Lane County landfills;
  • Project manager/geologist for RCRA investigation and corrective action programs at active chemical distribution facilities in Spokane Washington and Portland, Oregon;
  • Managed production of SPCC plans, RCRA Part B permit applications, and closure plans for chemical recycler facilities in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Managed closure of RCRA-regulated USTs at two facilities in Washington; and
  • Project manager/geologist for assessment and remediation projects, and closure procedures for UST projects in Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.


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