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Engineering and Remediation Services

Investigation and Remediation of Former Shipbuilding Facility for Residential and Commercial Development

PES was retained by several project developers to work in conjunction with the Richmond Redevelopment Agency and California EPA - Department of Toxic Substances Control to investigate and remediate soil and groundwater contamination at this 200-acre residential and commercial redevelopment project along the south Richmond waterfront. The project site is situated on the former Kaiser Richmond Shipyard No. 2, which operated during World War II. PES performed investigations to define the type, degree, and extent of contamination. Extensive areas of lead and petroleum contamination were remediated to prepare the site for residential and commercial development, including excavation and on-site treatment of over 3,000 cubic yards of lead-contaminated soil, as well as excavation and on-site bioremediation of 6,000 cubic yards of petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soil. Innovative and cost-effective techniques were developed and employed by PES to treat the metal-contaminated soil. PES provided a variety of environmental services under several contracts, including site characterization, risk assessment, feasibility studies, treatability studies, project documentation, remedial action plan preparation, permitting, contract management, and engineering services during implementation of the remedial actions. .

Comprehensive Investigation and Remediation Services, Washington and Oregon

PES is currently providing site investigation, feasibility study, and remediation system design, construction management, and operation and maintenance (O&M) services for a client with operations in Seattle and Kent, Washington, and Eugene and Portland, Oregon. These sites are existing or former chemical packaging and distribution facilities that have handled chlorinated and petroleum-based solvents stored in aboveground and underground storage tanks. PES personnel have provided the following services at these facilities: (1) RI/FS investigations for facilities in Kent and Seattle, Washington, and, Portland and Eugene, Oregon; (2) preparation of a Corrective Measures Study (CMS) Report for corrective actions in Portland, Oregon; (3) design and construction oversight of a groundwater treatment system in Portland, Oregon; (4) NPDES and regional air discharge permitting in Washington and Oregon; (5) design and construction of a 400 cfm SVE system and associated vapor treatment system in Kent, Washington; (6) routine SVE system O&M and groundwater performance monitoring in Seattle, Washington; (7) focused feasibility and field pilot studies for a Kent, Washington facility.

Remedial Design and Remedial Action (RD/RA) at a Pulp Mill and Forest Products Facility in Springfield, Oregon

PES recently completed a RD/RA Work Plan for groundwater, soil and sediment at a large pulp mill and forest products facility in Springfield, Oregon. Contaminants of concern at this site include pentachlorophenol, dioxins, solvents, and petroleum hydrocarbons. The final remedial actions were developed based on risk assessment findings along with implementation of institutional and engineering controls that includes a treatment system for a nearby municipal water supply wellfield. PES is also conducting long term groundwater monitoring and testing of nearby drinking water wells.

Investigation and Remediation of Former Industrial Site for Commercial Development

PES was retained by current and former owners of two environmentally-sensitive bayfront properties to conduct a soil and groundwater characterization investigation, evaluate health risks, and prepare a Preliminary Endangerment Assessment. Soils on one site were found to be contaminated with lead and other heavy metals, and petroleum hydrocarbons were found in groundwater. PES evaluated the risks posed by the metals and concluded that institutional remedial actions and restrictions on development would be adequate to mitigate risks to public health and environmental risks. PES has been retained to further assess and mitigate petroleum hydrocarbons on the source site.

Investigation and Remediation of Releases from Dry Cleaning Facility

Work on this site was initiated with an investigation of chlorinated solvent contamination caused by an adjacent dry-cleaning facility. PES' responsibilities included soil and groundwater analyses, public health risk assessment, preparing a Remedial Action Plan, and preparing a remedial feasibility study. Technical support was provided to the client's attorney, and expert witness testimony was given during the trial for a CERCLA cost recovery action against potentially responsible parties. PES remediated the site on a turnkey basis. Remedial activities include installation of a slurry wall, groundwater extraction, soil excavation and on-site treatment, and in-situ soil vapor extraction.

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